why castiel becoming lucifers vessel? (Correct answer)

Affronted by a threat from the Darkness – who is revealed over the course of the series to be God’s “sister,” who was sacrificed in order to create the world – Castiel agrees to act as a vessel for Lucifer when Lucifer claims that he alone has the power to defeat the Darkness because God is absent and all other archangels are either dead or insane.

How did Castiel get his vessel?

In every instance where Castiel is murdered and Jimmy’s body is destroyed as a result of the killing, whomever resurrects Castiel always restores Jimmy’s body to serve as his vessel for the resurrection. Following Castiel’s deaths in Lucifer Rising, Swan Song and Hello, Cruel World, God performed this action; similarly, the Shadow performed this action in The Big Empty.

Why was Nick Lucifer’s vessel?

Eventually, despite Nick’s initial coldness in telling the Devil to quit pestering him, he was swiftly persuaded by Lucifer’s denunciation of God and eventually consented to serve as his vessel when Lucifer assured him that he would bring about justice.

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Who is Lucifer’s true vessel?

Season 4 of Cobra Kai is titled “The Loop.” Sam Winchester was intended to be the real vessel of the Archangel Lucifer from the beginning of time.

Why is Castiels vessel so strong?

When Castiel absorbed the souls of the damned from Purgatory, he gained near-godlike strength and invincibility. He was no longer vulnerable to the effects of heavenly weapons. This protection also extended to demonic weapons and sigils, which were previously unaffected. Despite the fact that this extremity was only temporary, it rendered Castiel virtually unstoppable and a major liability for the Winchesters.

What did Bobby do to Rufus?

After Lilith began to breach the 66 Seals, he resumed his aggressive hunting activities. Rufus was killed when Bobby, who had been possessed by the Khan worm, stabbed him in the chest.

When did Castiel fall in love with Dean?

Dean Winchester (Collins) is in love with Castiel (Collins), as seen in the episode “Despair,” which premiered on November 5th (Jensen Ackles).

How is Lucifer’s vessel still alive?

Jack, like the archangels, possesses the ability to bring the dead back to life. It’s possible that Nick would have been restored if his grace had healing effects, which would have occurred after Lucifer was killed. Jimmy Novak was never exposed to nephlim grace because he was raised in a Christian home. According to their idea, archangel blades only kill the archangel and leave the body unaffected, allowing the body to survive.

Is Dean Michael’s vessel?

Dean was chosen to be a vessel for the archangel Michael as part of the quest to finally defeat Lucifer once and for all. While Dean as Michael was successful in getting rid of Lucifer, Michael failed to leave Dean when he was meant to, and Season 13 concluded with Dean set to play the villain while also keeping Michael at bay for the duration of the season.

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Why can’t Dean eject Michael?

When Dean’s mind was able to “leave the door open a crack” in Michael’s presence, Dean’s possession did not require Michael to ask for permission a second time. Dean was able to retake control of the situation with the assistance of Sam and Castiel, but he chose to cage Michael within his own mind rather than banish him.

Why are Lucifer’s eyes red?

Not only are his wings distinguishable from those of his siblings, but so are his eyes. Lucifer’s eyes are orange-red in color, in contrast to the rest of the angels’ blue eyes. This is most likely just another attempt by him to make himself feel unique in order to attract attention.

What is Lucifer’s weakness?

Lucifer’s most significant flaw is that he becomes particularly vulnerable to damage whenever Chloe Decker is in close proximity to him or in the near area of him. If he sustains a fatal injury while Chloe is around, he will die in the same way as any other person would. This condition also makes Lucifer more prone to tiny wounds and stubbed toes, which may be quite painful.

Can Dean see Castiel’s true form?

After Dean and Castiel are struck by the force of a witch’s abilities gone awry, Dean is able to hear Cas make strange noises and see things that he shouldn’t be able to see. Dean discovers that angels communicate in a way that humans have never been able to comprehend, and that Castiel’s actual form is far more powerful than Dean could have imagined.

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Why is Castiel weak?

His grace, on the other hand, had been taken away from him. That is what distinguished him as a human being. When he ultimately regained his own elegance, he did it at the expense of his wings. As a result, he didn’t have the same amount of strength he used to have.

Why did Castiel get so weak?

God has been injured so severely that he can only do parlor tricks at this point, yet he remains the most powerful entity on the planet, except from his sister. It just so happened that when God’s abilities waned, Castiel grew progressively more vulnerable. It appears that when God becomes less significant, angels become less significant as well.

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