who runs a naval vessel? (Solution found)

The coxswain, often known as the command master chief or the chief of the boat, is the most senior noncommissioned officer working aboard the ship. In general, each business or department has an average of four divisions, ranging in size from ten to several hundred personnel, depending on the size and kind of ship.

Who is in charge of a naval ship?

Captain is the title most commonly used in English-speaking navies to refer to the position of commander in chief of the biggest ships.

Who commands a frigate?

The following are the six primary departments that make up a contemporary frigate: General Description: The Executive Department is responsible for the leadership of the ship, with the First Lieutenant (Executive Officer) having ultimate authority for the Department. Additional Information:

Who commands a carrier?

The carrier is under the leadership of a captain from the aviation industry. A carrier air wing (CVW) is a group of up to nine squadrons that are assigned to a carrier. Carrier air wings are under the leadership of a captain from the aviation community (or occasionally a Marine colonel).

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What are the positions on a naval ship?

Here is a quick summary of the positions available on a permanent and voluntary basis.

  • Capt. (or Master)
  • Mate (or 1st Mate, 1st Officer)
  • 2nd Mate (or 2nd Officer)
  • Bosun (or third Mate / Officer)
  • Chief Engineer.
  • 2nd Engineer.
  • Medical Purser.

Who captains an aircraft carrier?

Specifically, the Commanding Officer of an aircraft carrier must meet two requirements: he must be an unrestricted line officer (which allows him to command at sea) and he must also be an experienced naval pilot. He has always held the position of Captain (O-6).

Who is second in command on a ship?

The Chief Mate is the officer in charge of the second in command. Thus, the Chief Mate is accountable for all deck activities as well as for ensuring that the company’s rules and standards are followed by both the equipment and the crew aboard the ship. A Watch is also under the supervision of the Chief Mate.

Can a commander be a captain?

Ranks in the United States Navy: O-5 Commander Commanders are frequently tasked with the responsibility of commanding a small Navy vessel, such as a frigate, destroyer, or submarine. Commanding officers may also be in control of aircraft squadrons or small shore missions, or they may serve as members of the staff of a senior officer on board a big naval vessel.

What is an XO captain in the navy?

When it comes to warfare, the Executive Officer is second-in-command and in charge of the Warfare department. As the ship’s administrative officer, he or she reports to the Commanding Officer for the overall organization of the submarine as well as the discipline, morale, and general well-being of the whole crew, as well as the coordination of their training.

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What does LCDR mean in the navy?

Lieutenant Commander (LCDR/O-4) is a military rank. Lieutenant Commanders are regarded to be junior officers of the fourth rank. On a ship, aircraft squadron, or submarine, the LCDR serves as the Department Head or Executive Officer for the department.

Can a naval flight officer command an aircraft carrier?

If an officer wishes to command an aircraft carrier or an aircraft tender, he or she must be a naval officer in the line of duty who has been recognized as a Naval Aviator or a Naval Flight Officer and who meets all other qualifications.

How many crew is a destroyer?

Many destroyers are equipped with submarine-hunting helicopters, while certain US destroyers are equipped with cruise missiles, which allow them to attack targets on land. Modern destroyers have a displacement of over 8,000 tons, are capable of speeds exceeding 30 knots, and can carry a crew of approximately 300 people.

What ships accompany an aircraft carrier?

They are always accompanied by a large armada of other ships, which is constantly present. When an aircraft carrier and a flotilla are combined, it is referred to as a carrier combat group. The Carrier Battle Group is comprised of aircraft carriers.

  • There are six ships in total: the aircraft carrier itself
  • two guided-missile cruisers
  • two destroyers
  • one frigate
  • two submarines
  • and one supply ship.

Who are seafarers?

A seafarer may be defined as a person who is engaged to serve on any form of maritime vessel, which is a literal definition of the term. This term is primarily used to identify current seafaring personnel, but it may also be used to describe someone who has a lengthy history of service in the maritime industry.

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What is the purpose of ship organization on board the vessel?

All crew members are responsible for keeping the ship’s space clean, tidy, and ordered at all times while on board. The cleanliness of each place, including cabins, is the responsibility of the personnel allocated to that location by the captain. The vessel’s public areas are referred to as “public areas” (heads, passageways, mess area, etc.)

Who helps the captain of a ship?

Often called the captain’s right-hand man, the first mate of a ship assumes command of the vessel when the captain is unavailable to deliver commands. It is the first mate who is in charge of the day-to-day operations, which includes paperwork, aiding with navigation, keeping the ship sanitary, and allocating jobs to the crew.

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