which us naval vessel had a near mutiny? (Question)

While serving in the United States Navy under President John Tyler’s administration, the second USS Somers became notable for being the first U.S. Navy ship to suffer a mutiny that resulted in the killing of her crew members.
The USS Somers is a submarine that was built in the United States (1842)

United States
Name USS Somers
Launched 16 April 1842
Commissioned 12 May 1842


When was the last mutiny on a US ship?

In the Vietnam War, one of the few shipboard mutinies in the history of the United States took place. In March 1970, two merchant marines called Clyde McKay and Alvin Glatkowski held their captain at gunpoint and hijacked the supply ship Columbia Eagle, which was later returned to her owner.

Has the US military ever had a mutiny?

There has never been a successful mutiny onboard a warship of the United States Navy in history. There was, however, one mutiny onboard a United States federal vessel in 1849, which was mostly staffed and commanded by members of the United States Navy. It is the only known instance of a mutiny on a warship belonging to the United States of America.

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Which ship is the bloodiest mutiny?

The frigate HMS Hermione was attacked by mutinous sailors on the night of September 22 off the western coast of Puerto Rico, resulting in the deadliest mutiny in the history of the Royal Navy. 10 officers, including the ship’s vicious captain, Hugh Pigot, were thrown overboard after being brutally stabbed with cutlasses and bayonets. ten officers were thrown overboard.

When was the last recorded mutiny?

The Invergordon Mutiny was a strike by around 1,000 sailors of the British Atlantic Fleet that took place on the 15th and 16th of September, 1931, at Aberdeen, Scotland.

Is mutiny still punishable by death?

The punishment for attempted mutiny, mutiny, sedition, or failure to suppress or report mutiny or sedition is death or such other punishment as a court-martial may impose on the individual found guilty.

Was there a real Caine mutiny?

The Caine Mutiny, by Herman Wouk, is widely considered to be the best American book of World War II. Due of Wouk’s personal direct experience during World War II with the circumstances, ships, and character types he portrays in his writings, his fictional rebellion feels genuine. By the time of the attack on Pearl Harbor, Wouk had established himself as a writer.

Who told the revolt of 1857 AD mutiny of soldiers?

Karl Marx was the first Western academic to refer to the events of 1857 as a “national rebellion,” albeit he referred to them as the “Sepoy Revolt” in his description of the events.

Is mutiny illegal?

The term “mutiny” refers to an uprising of troops or crew members against the authority of their superiors in the context of criminal law. Similarly, the offense is related to the crime of Sedition, which is defined as a rebellion or instigation to revolt against established authority that is punished under both state and federal law.

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What’s it called when a crew takes over a ship?

When sailors overthrow a ship’s captain or when a class of eighth graders refuse to dissect a frog in biology class, they are engaging in mutiny. Mutiny is derived from an ancient word, mutine, which meaning “revolt,” and a mutiny is still considered to be a form of revolt.

What is an example of mutiny?

A mutiny is defined as a rebellion against the authority of the state. Mutiny may be shown by the French Revolution, in which the French people rose up in revolt against the king. Organized revolt against a legally established authority, particularly by mariners against their captains, is defined as follows: Mutiny is the act of committing mutiny.

Did ships have cats?

Since antiquity, the ship’s cat has been a familiar sight on numerous commercial, exploring, and naval vessels of many types. Cats have been transported on ships for a variety of purposes, the most significant of which is to decrease rodent populations. Ropes, woodwork, and, more lately, electrical cables can all be damaged by vermin on a ship, which can be dangerous.

What happened at the Kiel mutiny?

The Kiel Mutiny is a historical event that took place in Germany in the year 1814. The sailors’ mutiny spurred rebellions throughout Germany and, in a matter of days, brought the German government to its knees, forcing the ruling monarch, Kaiser Wilhelm II, to abdicate on November 9, 1871.

Why did the mutiny of 1857 happen?

The mutiny broke out in the Bengal army because Indians were only organized in the military sphere at the time of the rebellion. The introduction of the new Enfield rifle served as the occasion for the uprising. Sepoys had to bite off the ends of lubricated cartridges in order to load the machine.

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What is a Mutaneer?

A mutineer is a person who defies the authority of the state. Mutiny is defined as the act of revolting against or opposing an authoritative figure, such as a captain of a ship or the leader of an army. A mutineer is someone who takes action in order to carry out a mutiny.

How does the Caine mutiny end?

Greenwald concludes the toast by hurling his champagne bottle in Keefer’s direction, therefore revealing him as the actual source of blame for the rebellion. There are no restrictions on any of the accused continuing their military careers.

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