what vessel operated by the jedi order was used to ferry younglings from coruscant to illum?

The Crucible was a corvette of the Paladin class that was used by the Jedi Order. After being in service from the time of its construction under the Old Republic until its decommissioning during the Clone Wars, the ship was tasked with transporting Jedi younglings from Coruscant to Ilum.

What ships do Jedis?

T-6 was largely utilized by the Jedi for transportation during peacetime, which is why it is devoid of weaponry. Because of the ship’s dependable hyperdrive and spacious cabin, interstellar travel in a T-6 was significantly more comfortable than traveling in a cramped Jedi starfighter on the same journey.

What happened to the younglings from the Clone Wars?

What happened to the Younglings from the Clone Wars, and how did they end up here? Obviously, he’s dead. Any Jedi who managed to live were converted into inquisitors for the Sith, although there weren’t many of them, therefore the majority were killed off right away.

What happened Petro?

Before and during the Clone Wars, Petro was a human male Jedi Padawan who trained under Luke Skywalker. A group of 501st Legion Clone Troopers ambushed Petro and murdered him during their attack on the Jedi Temple.

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What happened to Katooni?

Katooni was remained at the Jedi Temple at the time of the war’s conclusion. When Skywalker, now known as the Sith Lord Darth Vader, launched his attack on the Temple, Katooni was thought to have been killed, along with a large number of other people.

What Starfighter did Jedi use?

The Eta-2 Actis-class light interceptor, commonly known as the Jedi starfighter or Jedi interceptor, was a starfighter employed by the Jedi during the Clone Wars. It was designed to intercept light interceptors, which were utilized by the Empire.

What ship did Obi-Wan use?

During the Clone Wars, a Venator-class Star Destroyer served as the flagship of High Jedi General Obi-Wan Kenobi and Clone marshal commander CC-2224, following the destruction of his previous flagship, the Negotiator.

Is Gungi still alive?

In a later episode, it is revealed that Gungi, along with two of his fellow Padawans, Zatt and Katooni, have survived the Clone Wars and are now defending Professor Huyang aboard the Crucible, an old spacecraft that was previously used by the Jedi Order to conduct the Gathering trials.

How many younglings survived 66?

We have 18 Masters, 21 Knights, 26 Padawans, 17 Younglings, and six members of the Jedi Service Corps on our team! [Purge + 0] [Purge + 0] With 190 survivors, 49 (25.79%) are Masters, 67 (35.26%) are Knights, 44 (23.16%) are Padawans, 20 (10.53%) are Younglings, and 10 (5.26%) are members of the Jedi Service Corps (Jedi Recruiting).

Did any Jedi younglings survive?

K’Kruhk, along with Master Yoda, was one of the Order’s oldest living Jedi, having lived to be a hundred years old. After failing to save all of the younglings, K’Kruhk was able to board his ship and transport the remaining children to safety thanks to the assistance and sacrifice of Jedi Master Sian Jeisel.

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Who is Petro in Star Wars?

When the Clone Wars broke out, Petro was a young human male Jedi who served the Order as a youngling. Prior to the conclusion of the fight, he took part in an ancient Jedi rite of passage called as The Gathering, in which he sought to locate a kyber crystal, which would serve as the foundation for the lightsaber he would build following his visit to the planet Ilum.

How old is Petro in Star Wars?

Petro, the young Jedi Padawan from the Clone Wars, sprang to mind as being Ezra Bridger’s kid, and I couldn’t shake the notion. However, after giving it some more thinking, I realized that he would be far too young; Petro was somewhere between the ages of 12 and 15 years old.

Did any Younglings survive Anakin?

No one, not even the Younglings, managed to live.” “This Padawan was slain not by clones, but by a lightsaber, he was.” Jedi Masters Yoda and Obi-Wan Kenobi went to Coruscant, where they killed some of the clones who had been purging the Temple.

How old is Gungi?

A Wookiee Jedi youngling who lived during the Clone Wars, Gungi was known as Gungi. Approximately 20 billion years before the present, he was selected to accompany Yoda and Ahsoka Tano to the Gathering on Ilum in order to manufacture their lightsabers. He and the best of his class were given this assignment.

Did any Younglings survive Order 66?

Despite the fact that Anakin Skywalker slaughtered Jedi younglings at the conclusion of the Clone Wars, Baby Yoda was saved from the slaughter as a result of this rescue. However, there are only a handful of Jedi who have been verified to have survived Order 66, and even fewer of them are likely to be on or near Coruscant at the time of the rescue attempt.

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