what is the chif officer of a vessel? (Question)

A chief mate (C/M), often known as a chief officer, is a licensed mariner who is in charge of the deck department of a commercial ship. He or she is also known as the first mate or first officer in some circles. The chief mate is traditionally a watchstander who is in control of the ship’s cargo as well as the crew on the deck.

What is the chief officer of a ship?

The Chief Mate, Chief Officer, or First Mate/Officer is in charge of the Deck Department and serves as its department leader. Ordinary sailor or deckhands are under their supervision, as are Second and Third Mates, able-seafarers, and other personnel of the deck department. Typically, the Chief Mate is the second-in-command on a ship, behind only the Captain.

What is the role of a chief officer?

The Chief Officer is in charge of overseeing the vessel’s navigational watch operations. 2. He or she is in charge of the complete cargo operation in ports, which includes loading, unloading, and cargo planning. S/he is in charge of the upkeep of the cargo gears and the cargo that is transported on board the ship.

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Is Chief Officer same as captain?

The distinction between a ship’s captain and its first mate is one of responsibility. The captain is directly accountable for everything that occurs on board the ship; the chief mate is merely responsible for doing his or her duties. A chief mate is responsible for the loading and stowing of the ship’s cargo, as well as the overall operation of the ship.

What is chief officer in Merchant Navy?

After the Captain of the vessel, the Chief Officer is the second most responsible member of the crew. He is the executive director of the deck department and is responsible for carrying out the orders of the Master on a day-to-day basis (although the rank itself is a more managerial position).

What is the highest rank in Seaman?

Differentiating the Ranks of Seafarers

  • Master
  • Chief Mate (also known as Chief Officer)
  • Second Mate (also known as Second Officer)
  • Third Mate (also known as Third Officer)
  • Deck Cadet
  • Chief Engineer
  • Second Engineer
  • Third Engineer
  • D

Is chief officer higher than first officer?

When the Captain orders a mission, the First Officer, also known as Chief Officer or Chief Mate, is in command and reports to him. Second and third officers, as well as the Bosun and deckhands, are in control of the deck crew (depending on the size of the yacht) He or the Second Official may be appointed as the officer in charge of security, safety, and medical matters.

What are chief positions?

What are the responsibilities of chief officer positions? Chief officer jobs, often known as C-level or C-suite positions, are the highest-ranking executive positions in a corporation. These jobs are located at the very top of a company’s organizational hierarchy. Professionals in these positions make critical business decisions that contribute to the growth and success of a firm.

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How do you become a chief officer?

Qualifications for the position of Chief Officer (Merchant Navy) Class 12th pass with PCM from a recognized board with an aggregate of more than 60 percent or a B.Sc graduate with more than 60 percent marks in either Physics or Chemistry is required for consideration.

What did a first mate do?

First mates, often known as deck officers, are the second-in-command to a captain in the event of a disaster. First mates are often in charge of cargo or passengers on bigger ships that include second and third mates as well as crew members. First mates will be in charge of navigation and safety on smaller ships as well as other duties.

What is the highest rank of an engineer?

Here are six of the highest-paying fields, from entry-level to senior engineer, in order of increasing compensation.

  • An aeronautics engineer at the level of V. An engineering manager at the level of III. An oil and gas drilling engineer at the level of I. An electrical engineer at the level of II. An electrical engineering manager at the level of III.

What is the hierarchy on a ship?

The deck officers are arranged in the following order, according to the vessel’s hierarchy: Master, Chief Officer, Second Officer, Third Officer, and Deck Cadet (deck officer to be). The Master is the person who has ultimate authority on board a commerce vessel. He has complete command over the entire team.

What is salary of chief officer?

The compensation of a Chief Officer in Executive Ship Management is from 16.2 lakhs and 20.7 lakhs per year. According to the salary obtained from Executive Ship Management staff, this is a conservative estimate.

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What is the lowest position on a ship?

Sailor in the ordinary course of events They are the lowest-ranking members of the deck department’s staff. In most cases, an ordinary seaman (OS) assists with labor that is normally performed by competent seamen. Other responsibilities include serving as a lookout and performing routine cleaning activities.

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