what is a military vessel designed to look like a merchantman? (Perfect answer)

A Q-ship was a military vessel that was built to resemble a commerce vessel. As a Q-ship, it may be built from the ground up or converted from an existing commerce vessel.

What is a merchant cruiser?

The Armed Merchant Cruisers were built by requisitioning big ships and outfitting them with cannons and other military weaponry, as well as other supplies. They weighed between 6,000 and 22,000 long tons (6,100 and 22,400 t). The armament varied, but six 6 in (150 mm) cannons with three 3 in (76 mm) guns as supplementary weapons were the most common configuration. From 1941 through 1945, many of them were used as troopships.

Why are they called Q ships?

“(name)” ships are on the way. When it came to this instance, the “S.S.” stood for “Special Service (Vessel).” It has been speculated that the “Q” was chosen since they were based in Queenstown, now known as Cobh, in Ireland. While in service, they were extremely adaptable, altering their appearance as they travelled across the world in pursuit of enemy submarines.

What are surface raiders?

The German Imperial Navy’s cruiser SMS Scharnhorst served from 1906 until 1914. The surface raiders were a disparate group of ships that plowed through the ocean waves with their weapons drawn and ready to fire. During World War I, they were tasked with intercepting enemy supplies and instead ended up plundering commercial ships, boarding and drowning them for their valuable cargo.

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Why are military ships painted GREY?

Haze gray is a paint color scheme employed by the United States Navy on warships to make them more difficult to see clearly. This hue lowers the contrast between the ships and the horizon, and it also helps to diminish the impression of vertical patterns on the ships’ hulls. As a result, the phrase “haze gray and underway” is used to refer to navy surface vessels at sea.

What is the meaning of merchantman?

Merchantman is defined as a person who engages in commerce. 1 ancient word for merchant: 2: a ship that is employed for commercial purposes

Are merchant ships armed?

Background — Merchant ships have always been armed to protect their cargo. The practice of arming commercial ships has been around for a long time. The commerce ships of colonial periods carried cannons and other weaponry that were equivalent to those seen aboard navy boats.

Were Q ships used in ww2?

When the British Royal Navy and the German Kaiserliche Marine fought against each other during the First World War (1914–18), and when the Royal Navy fought against the Kriegsmarine and the United States Navy during the Second World War (1939–45), these ships were utilized by both sides.

Did America have U-boats?

U-boats operated from the Atlantic coastlines of the United States and Canada to the Gulf of Mexico, from the Arctic to the west and southern African coasts, and even as far east as Penang once the United States became involved in the war.

Are U-boats effective?

Despite the fact that their WWI fleet began with only 38 U-boats – which were small, almost flimsy watercraft, each no larger than 1,000 tons – they proved to be tremendously effective against British warships and later against American merchant vessels, sinking more than 10,000,000 tons over the course of the war.

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Why is a submarine a boat and not a ship?

A submarine is neither a ship nor a boat due to the fact that it is primarily designed to move beneath the surface of the water. Similarities exist between amphibious automobiles, which can operate on water but are primarily intended for land travel and are referred to as “cars” as a result.

Why are submarines called U boats?

It is an acronym for the German term “Unterseeboot,” which translates as “submarine” or “undersea boat” (meaning “undersea boat”). During both World Wars, the German navy launched massive submarine offensives against Allied targets. “U” is derived from the German word “unter,” which means “under,” and is used in U-boats.

Why are the bottom of ships red?

Shipbuilders in the early days of shipping would apply a copper coating to the hull of their vessels as a biocide to keep organotins from adhering to the surface of the vessel. The copper plating on the ship was the source of the ship’s bright red hue.

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