saluting when boarding a navy vessel?

Because the Navy is steeped in tradition, you salute the flag at the stern of the ship before bowing to the officer of the deck, therefore giving tribute to both of them simultaneously. Upon receiving your salute and requesting permission to join the ship, the O.O.D responds by returning your salute and granting you permission to board the ship.

Why do Sailors salute twice when boarding a ship?

The custom, on the other hand, dates back to the English Commonwealth Navy of the 1650s and has nothing to do with a flag. It has something to do with religion. Large Christian crosses were displayed on the quarterdeck/taffrail of ships during this time period. And it was expected that those boarding the ship would raise their hands in salute to God.

Do you salute inside a ship?

Inside the building, a salute is only given while reporting to an officer. Walking on the left side of and slightly behind an officer or NCO of superior rank is considered proper etiquette. It is customary for the junior-ranking military person to be first in line while entering or departing a vehicle or boat, and for the senior-ranking military member to be first out of the vehicle or boat.

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Who do Sailors salute when leaving a ship?

The following is the procedure to be followed in order to obtain formal authorization to depart the ship: “I would want to seek permission to go ashore, sir,” you should say after saluting the OOD. (In the same way that you would address the ship’s commanding officer, always address the OOD as “sir,” as he or she reflects the authority of the ship’s captain.)

Why do sailors stand on deck when entering port?

It has been a custom since the beginning of time. It is referred to as “dressing the ship.” Prior to entering the harbor, they would stand on the deck and accord honors to other ships that passed through. Then, if they had cannons, they would fire them into the air before entering the port to demonstrate their friendliness.

Do sailors share bunks?

The onboard nuclear reactor and engine system occupy almost one-third of the vessel’s 337-foot length, leaving only a little living and working area for the crew. This necessitates what the crews refer to as “hot-racking,” in which sailors share bunks and sleep in shifts, which is not a popular term.

How do you salute in the Navy?

The Navy salute is performed with the palm of the hand facing the ground at a 90-degree angle. It is customary for the Indian Air Force to salute with the right arm lifted rapidly from the front in the shortest feasible manner, with the palm’s plane at a 45-degree angle to the forehead.

Why do Marines not salute indoors?

As a result, the first and most important reason is respect for social standards. Inside without a cover is probably the only time you can be out of uniform, and you simply do not salute when out of uniform any more than you do while in civilian clothes. It is a long-standing naval tradition. Sailors and Marines simply do not salute when their uniforms are revealed.

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Does the US Navy salute indoors?

Marines and Navy members will salute if they are under arms and inside the building. Salutations are not necessary. With the exception of Army and Air Force troops who are reporting to an officer when indoors. It is improper to give a salute when either the senior or subordinate or both are dressed in civilian wear.

What is the maximum saluting distance?

To salute someone, stand six paces apart from the person who is to be saluted. 1 If the person is more than six paces away, salute at the moment of closest approach. 2 Thirty paces is the maximum distance between two salutes.

Are cell phones allowed on Navy ships?

Both yes and no. Personal electronic devices (PEDs), which include phones, are permitted on submarines when the vessel is in the water.

How do I make navy color in the morning?

In both yes and no ways, of course. Personal electronic devices (PEDs), which include phones, are permitted on submarines while the vessel is underway.

Why do Sailors salute the quarterdeck?

When sailors salute the Quarterdeck, they are honoring the authority of the Captain and are demonstrating due honors and respect for his position and authority. The “Colors,” often known as the National Ensign, were displayed on the Quarterdeck.

What greeting should you say when you salute an officer in the afternoon?

Salute officers at all times, even if their hands are occupied or their backs are turned. In response to your salute, you will receive a spoken greeting, such as “Good morning,” “Good afternoon,” or anything along those lines.

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When reporting aboard a naval vessel whom do you salute first?

21. On every occasion that you meet with your Commanding Officer, you should salute him. Show your appreciation for all of your seniors on the first occasion of meeting on board ship each day by saying “Good morning, sir” to them all.

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