‘on the approach of any vessel when communications have not been established? (Solution)

When a vessel approaches and no communication has been made, the ship is required to adopt a defensive posture to protect itself. General Order 13: Order for Starfleet warships to evacuate the area.

What is Starfleet regulation 619?

Regulation 619 of the Starfleet Orders. Any commanding commander who becomes emotionally drained as a result of the mission at hand must retire from his or her position. In the Nero universe, Kirk provoked Spock into a fury in order to demonstrate that he was required to surrender his command of the Enterprise in accordance with Regulation 619.

What is General Order 4?

4. To repeat any calls from positions that are more than a mile away from the guard house, save for my own.

When was the prime directive established?

As President Lyndon B. Johnson prepared to deploy another 100,000 troops into Vietnam in 1966, the Prime Directive was a clear, though subtly disguised, ideological challenge to what the United States government was up to.

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What is the Prime Directive on Star Trek the next generation?

When it comes to interfering with alien civilizations’ natural development, the Prime Directive (also known as “Starfleet General Order 1,” “General Order 1,” and the “non-interference directive”) is a guiding principle of Starfleet that forbids its members from interfering with their natural development.

Can Starfleet officers date?

Starfleet personnel are not permitted to engage in commercial or sexual relationships with superiors who are not in their direct chain of command, in the event that doing so might be detrimental to the organization’s discipline and/or functioning.

What are the 11 general order?

To assume command of this post and all government property in the immediate vicinity. To stroll about my position in a military-like manner, continually on the lookout for danger, and to pay attention to anything that happens within my line of sight or hearing. All breaches of orders that I am directed to enforce must be reported to the appropriate authorities.

What is the 12 general order?

Don’t forget about the other eleven, according to the 12th General Order. General Orders are for sentries who are assigned to any type of post.

What is the purpose of 11 general orders?

Guard duty in the United States Armed Forces is governed by the general commands of a sentry, which are crucial rules that must be followed. The “11 General Orders,” as they are commonly referred to, are a set of directions that outline every potential circumstance a sentry can experience while on duty, as well as how to guarantee their own and others’ safety.

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Who violated the Prime Directive?

The Vaal’s Feeders, Number 5 Captain Kirk destroys the supercomputer, in violation of the Prime Directive, in order to spare his crew from Vaal’s fury and to provide autonomy to The Feeders of Vaal. However, because they were no longer under the protection of the supercomputer, The Feeders of Vaal would have to fend for themselves.

What is Starfleet Prime Directive?

According to the Star Trek universe, the Prime Directive is a critical guideline that applies to every member of the Starfleet crew. A ban on interfering with the cultures and civilizations of other worlds that representatives of Starfleet discover throughout their exploration of the cosmos is known as the Prime Directive (formally Starfleet Order 1).

When did Picard violate the Prime Directive?

After Captain Picard has been accused of breaching the Prime Directive nine times since taking command of the Enterprise in season 4 episode 21 (“The Drumhead,” April 29, 1991) 37:00, Admiral Satie accuses him of it. Captain Picard does not refute it.

How many times has Captain Kirk violated the Prime Directive?

a total of 33 occasions

Is the Prime Directive wrong?

Yes, it is morally correct. The prime directive of Star Trek is a direct reaction to the blatant immorality of colonization on this planet, which inspired the show. In the name of allegedly “helping” others, a significant lot of harm was inflicted on others, even murder.

How many times did Captain Janeway break the Prime Directive?

Captain Janeway violated the Prime Directive on four separate times, each time with full knowledge of what she was doing. It is important to remember that the Prime Directive prohibits intervention with the natural growth of any race that has a lower degree of technology than the Federation.

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