international; a vessel aground shall display what lights? (Best solution)

A vessel aground must display the lights provided in paragraph (a) or (b) of this Rule, as well as the following additional lights in the areas where they may be seen the best: On a vertical line, two all-round red lights are arranged; in a horizontal line, three balls are arranged.

What lights are shown by vessels aground?

A vessel aground that is more than 50 meters in length must have the following lights: – an all-round white light in the fore part; – an all-round white light at or near the stern, at a lower level than the light in the fore part; – two all-round red lights in a vertical line, where they can be seen the best.

What is the night navigational light for a vessel that is aground?

Two white mast head lights (facing forward) and one white stern light are required to be shown. The front light should be placed lower on the masthead than the main light. Additionally, they display port and starboard lights. If a vessel gets grounded, it will obviously not be able to make room for any other vessels.

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What light should be displayed by a power driven vessel?

While underway, power-driven vessels must be illuminated by a masthead light in the forward direction, sidelights, and a stern light. Vessels with a length of less than 12 meters may be equipped with an all-around white light as well as side lights.

What lights does a fishing vessel display?

A vessel engaged in fishing other than trawling is required to show the following signs:

  • Sidelights, sternlight, and all-around lights are arranged in a vertical line, with the uppermost light being red over white. In order to make your way through the water.

What means aground?

aground is defined as follows: 1: on the ground planes in the air and on the ground The term “grounding” refers to a ship that has gone aground on or onto the land or the bottom of a body of water. Synonyms Antonyms Additional Exemplification Sentences Learn More About the aground situation.

What lights does a trawler display at night?

Trawling is done by a commercial fishing vessel. There are two all-around lights, the top light being green and the lower light being white, and they are both on. For fishing vessels under 50 meters in length, a rear masthead light is an optional feature. Sidelights and sternlights are exhibited when the ship navigates across the sea.

What must a pilot boat display the at night?

Powered boats must have sidelights as well as an all-around white light or a stern and masthead light, depending on the kind of boat.

What day shape should be displayed by a vessel motor sailing?

However, if a vessel is motor sailing, it should exhibit an inverted triangle, as there is no day form. A red light, rather than a green light, can be used to indicate that a vessel is under sail.

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What lights are to be established by a pilot vessels?

(a) A vessel engaged in pilotage duties must display the following characteristics:

  • I two all-round lights in a vertical line at or near the masthead, with the top light being white and the lower light being red
  • (ii) sidelights and a sternlight are also required when the vessel is underway

What does it mean when a vessel Exhibits 3 all-round red lights in a vertical position?

A vessel with limited maneuverability, also known as a RAM vessel, other than a vessel engaging in mine clearing operations, is required to display the following lights in accordance with Rule 27(b): three all-round lights arranged in a vertical line where they may be seen the best.

What light are shown by a vessel not under command?

Vessels that are not under command distinguish themselves by flashing two all-around red lights, one over the other, as in’red above red.’

Which of the following refers to the lights that an air cushion vessel shall exhibit when operating in the non displacement mode?

A vessel smaller than 50 m in length is not required to display such light, but may do so; (iii) sidelights; (iv) a sternlight; and (v) a navigation light. (b) When an air-cushion vessel is operating in the non-displacement mode, in addition to the lights specified in paragraph (a) of this Rule, an all-around flashing yellow light should be shown on the vessel’s exterior.

What light are shown by a vessel when it is restricted in its ability to maneuver?

All vessels, with the exception of those engaged in mine clearance operations, that are restricted in their ability to maneuver must be equipped with: three all-around lights arranged in a vertical line where they can be seen best; and three all-around lights in a horizontal line where they can be seen best.

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