a/an stroke occurs when a blood vessel in the brain leaks? (Best solution)

A hemorrhagic stroke occurs when a blood vessel in the brain ruptures or spills blood into the brain (breaks open). The leaking blood exerts an excessive amount of pressure on brain cells, causing them to get damaged.

What occurs when a blood vessel in the brain leaks?

When a blood artery in the brain bulges or balloons, this is referred to as an aneurysm (AN-yoo-riz-um). It frequently resembles a fruit that is suspended from a stalk. An aneurysm in the brain has the potential to leak or burst, resulting in brain hemorrhage (hemorrhagic stroke).

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What is a brief disturbance in brain function in which there is a loss of awareness?

Seizures or moments of odd behavior, feelings, and even loss of consciousness are caused by epilepsy, a neurological illness affecting the central nervous system (neurological activity). Epilepsy may affect anyone at any time.

Which term means deep state of unconsciousness absent spontaneous eye movements no response to pain lack of speech?

Unconsciousness over an extended period of time, a coma is marked by the inability to be woken, the failure to respond properly to unpleasant stimuli such as light or sound, the absence of a normal wake-sleep cycle, and the inability to begin voluntary activities.

Which term means a sensory perception that has no basis in reality external stimulation )?

Hallucinations are perceptual experiences that occur when there are no external sensory cues to stimulate them.

What causes hemorrhagic stroke?

A hemorrhagic stroke happens when a blood artery in the brain leaks or ruptures, causing bleeding to flow through it. Brain hemorrhages can occur as a result of a variety of disorders that damage the blood arteries in the brain. High blood pressure that cannot be regulated is one of the risk factors for hemorrhagic stroke. 4

Can a CSF leak cause a stroke?

Untreated CSF leaks can result in life-threatening meningitis, brain infections, or stroke if not addressed immediately. In addition to providing prompt and precise diagnosis of this severe problem, UT Southwestern doctors provide world-class surgical procedures to rectify it as well as pre- and post-surgery care to ensure that each patient’s treatment and rehabilitation are optimized.

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Is also known as fainting?

For fainting or passing out, the medical word is syncope (pronounced “sin ko pea”). It is brought on by a transient decrease in the quantity of blood that is flowing to the cerebral cortex.

Is the bruising of brain tissue as the result of a head injury?

A bruising of brain tissue as a result of a head injury is referred to as a cerebral contusion.

Which is also known as wryneck is caused by a viral infection?

It is possible that a viral infection, an accident, or a violent movement can induce irritation to the cervical ligaments, resulting in the development of torticollis.

Which type of stroke occurs when the flow of blood to the brain is blocked quizlet?

It is possible to have an ischemic stroke when blood flow to a portion of the brain is impaired due to a blockage or “clogging” of a blood artery that supplies the brain.

What is a profound state of unconsciousness marked by the absence of spontaneous?

To put it another way, stupor is defined as a condition in which one’s senses have been greatly dulled or completely suspended. To put it another way, a drunken stupor is defined as a chiefly mental condition characterized by the absence of spontaneous movement, a greatly diminished responsiveness to stimulation, and usually impaired consciousness.

Which term is used when a patient remains in a deep sleep responsive only to vigorous and repeated stimulation?

In the case of stupor, only intense and frequent stimuli will reawaken the individual, and if the patient is not disturbed, he or she will relapse into the unresponsive condition quickly after awakening.

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Which condition is characterized by the false perception of body appearance?

Body dysmorphic disorder (BDD), also known as dysmorphophobia in certain circles, is a mental illness defined by the obsessive belief that some element of one’s own body part or look is significantly wrong, necessitating extraordinary attempts to conceal or correct it. The problem in BDD’s deluded form is purely imaginative.

What served as the basis for Lea’s argument against Kosslyn’s original mental scanning experiments with objects?

When you look at a little thing, the of the visual cortex becomes active; when you look at a larger object, the becomes active. What was the foundation of Lea’s argument against Kosslyn’s first mental scanning studies with objects? What was the source of her inspiration? distraction. When it comes to the mental walk task, which of the following is a critical factor?

What process is used to record the electrical activity of the brain through the use of electrodes attached to the scalp?

An EEG is a method of recording the electrical activity of your brain using electrodes that are attached to your scalp. Changes in brain activity are shown by EEG data, which may be valuable in the diagnosis of many brain illnesses, including epilepsy and other seizure disorders.

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