vessel stenosis what is? (Perfect answer)

A stenosis (from the Ancient Greek v, “narrow”) is an aberrant narrowing of a blood artery or other tubular organ or structure, such as foramina and canals, that occurs in the absence of disease. It is also referred to as a stricture in some circles (as in urethral stricture). What is blood vessel stenosis? Stroke […]

what promotes vessel growth in the eye? (Solved)

Injections of an anti-VEGF compound VEGF is a growth factor for blood vessels. An unhealthy eye does not have any problems with this. The retina, on the other hand, can become blood-starved in certain circumstances, causing VEGF to become excessively active. What causes blood vessels to grow in eye? Chronic oxygen deprivation and stress induce […]

what blood vessel supplies olfactory bulb?

As a result, the blood supply to the olfactory bulb and olfactory tract is primarily provided by the cerebral artery and the posterior communicating artery. Approximately 10% of the 60 side arteries were multi-branch in nature. Atheroselerosis was found in 86.3 percent of the participants. What artery supplies the olfactory nerve? The olfactory nerve receives […]